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Mathematics has become a vastly diverse subject over history, and it has a wide range of challenging research problems and important applications in education and industry. It is used extensively in the fields of computer science, physical sciences and biological sciences. Researchers in different areas of mathematics have established important connections with mainstream areas of physical, biological and other sciences. This conference will highlight the major advancements in the field of pure mathematics, applied mathematics and computational sciences. The conference also seeks to bring together participants from the many different environments where mathematics is developed and applied. It will provide a good exposure to students and encourage them to pursue their research in pure and applied mathematics.

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10 November

University of Sargodha



Jhon Smith

CEO of Peren


If yes, add Rs. 500 per night (maximum two nights) in conference registration fee.

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Conference Early Bird Registration and abstract submission is due to April 30, 2017.

If you have any query or question, feel free to contact us.

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University of Sargodha
Department of Mathematics
Email: icpam@uos.edu.pk